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Why Ukraine?

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Ukraine is continuing its progress towards economic reforms and democracy.

In 2007, British exports to Ukraine rose by 30% to £439.6 million and Ukrainian exports to the UK rose by 0.7% to £129.5 million. Although Ukraine remains a challenging country, due to complex legal, administrative and tax requirements, its government is nonetheless committed to reform, and now the accession to WTO has been completed, and eventually to joining the EU and NATO.

Ukraine was granted Market Economy Status by the European Union (as of 1 December 2005) and by the United States of America (as of 1 February 2006). FATF withdrew its enhanced monitoring regime from February 2006. On 16 May 2008 Ukraine became a member of WTO and the talks on a deep and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with the EU have been initiated.

Western financial investment is attracted by all different areas of economy, including infrastructure and construction, rehabilitation of heavy industry, fast-moving consumer goods, specialised equipment, transport, communications, Consultancy, Education & Training.

EURO 2012. On 18 April 2007, Ukraine and Poland were selected to host the European Football Championships 2012. Preparation for EURO 2012 was a huge long-term project for Ukraine which generated numerous investments across a number of sectors, such as sport infrastructure, roads, airports, hotels etc.



Education in UK – for Ukrainians

Language travel has always been the most necessary service for those now working in a global economy.

Until recently most of the interest came from individuals whose personal income allowed them to invest in their own professional development and learning, which means developing communication skills in English.

As time goes by and the market becomes more and more competitive, companies begin to realize the necessity of a corporate investment in this sector, so as to award and promote their employees in this way and to give them new opportunities for development.

In the recent years we have felt noticeable growth of enquiries and sales from corporate clients, including Ernst & Young Ukraine, Ukraine, Bayer, Siemens, BAT, Tetra Pak, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, and some of the largest Ukrainian firms.

Now is the time to foster this interest and to plant some names on the market, to establish quality rapport with the new future long-term clientele.

Academic education in the UK is most desired by bright Ukrainian students, and is also growing in terms of becoming gradually more affordable for people.

Having organized eight annual fairs for Boarding Schools, and having published seven Directories of schools for parents in Russian, we at Business Link continue to see results of these investments in the rapid growth of the Ukrainian market. With more immediate placements, there is now certainly more coming out of the great potential yet to be discovered.


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