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Why Business Link?

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Business Link Business Link Business Link

This is an archived page of the website. Some information presented here may be no longer relevant. To contact Business Link please call +38 044 494 20 80 or send an email to edUK@businesslink.kiev.ua.

Business Link was set up in 1997 and is a highly specialized educational agency, linking British educators and Ukrainian students.

We are a team of 29 professionals, with 12 full-time client councilors, all specializing on the UK. We strive to achieve excellence in our service both to our clients in Ukraine and in the UK, providing top expertise in British education to Ukrainian students, and sharing local market knowledge with British educators, interested in developing their business in the CIS countries.

Still exploring an ‘emerging’ market here in Ukraine, we’ve seen a stable growth in numbers over the years: now sending at least 500 students a year to Britain, of which about 50 are boarding school students (first year). As we specialize in programmes offered in the UK only, we try our best to know all the educational establishments we work with in detail. Our main partners are regularly visited by our staff so that we can build realistic expectations for our clients and select the best quality schools to work with.

You can meet our team members at most of the professional workshops in the industry: Studyworld, Alphe, ICEF etc.

For over 10 years we have managed our own Business Training in English operation in Kiev for corporate clients, and employed native English teachers to provide language tuition to a vast number of clients. ‘edUKation’ (www.edUKation.com.ua) is a separate brand that we have used for promotion of education in Britain side of our business, which has now become our core activity.



Since 2013 Business Link Company has been a member of the British-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

In 2007 Business Link obtained the
Investors in People Certificate,
issued by the International Quality Center in London.
We confirmed our Investors in People status
later, in 2010 and 2013.

Over the years we have been working very closely with the UK Embassy and the British Council:
  • we organize numerous meetings of our British partners and Embassy representatives;
  • take part in several joint projects;
  • always take part in celebrating the Queen’s Birthday at the Embassy and have been invited to many different events, organized by the Embassy.




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