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Oliver’s Appeal to Ukrainian Companies and Individuals

Oliver Stacey Delegate Director – One Young WorldAt 36 years old I’m too old to be a delegate and have my voice heard at a One Young World Summit. My generation has had that chance. Right now we’re making our legacy for good or ill, we were coined the ‘Generation X’ before we knew what it meant.

For most of my career I have been bringing organisations together to develop new business, mainly in the communications industry. I’ve always been looking for new ways of working with more effective results but until now, I’ve mainly focussed on commercial ends.

I was born in 1973 in the height of the Cold War; most of my immediate family were either witnesses or participants of WW2. I grew up knowing that the world we lived in was hostile, unsettled and always poised for conflict. At the same time television was developing into the global eye on the world, our social behaviour was fast becoming a commodity, TV enabled us to watch ourselves and glimpse what other cultures did in a way that books did not. Slowly and quite naturally interest began taking over fear. We began to see old arguments being resolved by world leaders and barriers began coming down - the faster they fell the quicker we’ve advanced.

As we’ve emerged from one age into another, human beings evolve to take on new challenges, combating historical problems with modern tools. The challenge we set is often great, and it seems in our nature to be permanently at the start of a journey.

Today we’ve never been more connected, more informed, more advanced and despite the credit crisis rocking our markets we have never been wealthier as a race of nations or as a planet.

Like many, I’m concerned that we’re heading into new problems, branching from our race to develop and advance. Industry has given us much, but we are beginning to see a cost, and none more will pay the price more than future generations. The credit crisis showed how temptation and confidence blinds the mind from taking the slower pace to long term stability. We now blame the lack of regulation for the scarcity of credit and the confidence that underpins the health of our markets.

I feel privileged to be working on One Young World; I am passionate that we create an environment that gives stature to the voices of our youth. The way I look at it is that we make cars that activate windscreen wipers with the first drop of rain, the ‘cat’s-eye’ is arguably the world’s most universally popular product, because it lights up the road ahead. I believe that the captains of industry and those who lead our countries will benefit hugely from the resolutions this generation makes, and I hope they listen. After all society, industry, politics and faith are the vehicles that will affect the changes that will modernise and protect our world.

Are we about ready to start listening, and taking the action that will craft the kind of world, the people of the future want to inhabit?


Oliver Stacey, One Young World:
+44 (0)207 257 6069

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