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“Business Link” Invites You to Help Make a Miracle Happen!

“Business Link” Invites You to Help Make a Miracle Happen!

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Elizabeth II


Dear friends, partners and colleagues!

We invite you to play a part in the working of a remarkable miracle – to help one little girl from Lviv travel to the United Kingdom and meet the Queen of England!


Why are we doing this?

  • Because we believe in the power of dreams

A dream is often more powerful than the strongest drug. History can tell of many terminally ill men and women who quit their job (because they thought they would lose it anyway!) and who grasped the opportunity of a world tour before the inevitable end, only to encounter a wonderful healing. A dream gives strength, joy and a desire to live.

  • Because miracles fill our lives with meaning and kindness

By helping others, we not only make the world better, but also help ourselves. We become kinder, more considerate and humane. Only by helping others can we purge our hearts of cynicism and indifference. This is how we ourselves come to believe in dreams. And, as Chesterton said: "The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen..."

  • Because it sounds unbelievable and we like to believe

Who says that it is nigh on impossible for a commoner to meet the Queen of England?
Who says that children with cerebral palsy cannot study abroad?
Who says that a child in a wheelchair never travels?
We want to prove the opposite!


Story of the girl and her dream

Ksenia Gvozdyak

Meet Ksenia Gvozdyak: She is only 8 years old, and lives in the city of Lviv, Western Ukraine. Cerebral palsy and being a wheelchair user preclude Ksenia from attending regular school. She is studying in Lviv City Rehabilitation Centre "Dzherelo".

During one of her English lessons she learned about the British royal family. She made a wish, and it remains – to meet with Her Majesty The Queen. Ksenia diligently and purposefully learns English. She has written a letter to Elizabeth II and believes wholeheartedly that their meeting will take place and her wish will be granted.

Read Ksenia’s letter to the Queen
Read a letter from Myroslav Nikolaev – the founder and director of the rehabilitation centre "Dzherelo"
See Ksenia’s photos


Initiators of the project:

rehabilitation centre "Dzherelo",
the British Embassy, Ukraine,
educational agency "Business Link",
Christian English Language Centre, UK.


Miracle implementation plan

In May, we want to present a special gift to Ksenia – an organized and all-expenses paid trip to the UK for her, her mother and her teacher/translator. Many of the arrangements still remain to be made and we need to raise enough money to make it all possible.

Travel dates: May 25 – June 1, 2014
Approximate travel budget (for three people): 44,000 UAH (approx. $4000, €2900, or £2400)

Thanks to our caring and generous clients and partners, as of April 10th, 2014, we have collected 91% of the required funding (40,326 UAH).


How you can help

Cash contribution

Provision of services

Insurance, transport, accommodation, sightseeing.

Organisational help

Please let us know if you have a contact in the UK who could help make this miracle happen, especially in helping to secure access to Her Majesty and Buckingham Palace.


Let’s do miracles together!


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