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British Boarding Schools Weekend

This is an archived page of the website. Some information presented here may be no longer relevant. To contact Business Link please call +38 044 494 20 80 or send an email to edUK@businesslink.kiev.ua.



Dates: 21–22nd February 2015 – two-day workshop 

Venue: Hyatt Regency Kyiv,
5, Alla Tarasova Street,
Kiev, Ukraine

parents that are business-owners or top management,
parents of school children that are currently studying,
children that have by now participated in summer schools



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Benefits for you

New market, new opportunities

  • Gain a better understanding of Eastern Europe, Kiev and Ukraine as a new emerging market.
  • Establish new links & foster the ones you already have.
  • Meet potential students for the years to come – get the name of your school known.

New immediate placements

  • Test students on the spot under exam conditions.
  • Interview and select students that fit your school profile – meet the whole family, talk to parents, assess students.
  • Get your name in the specially produced directory of schools participating in the fair.

Enjoy Kiev!

  • Visit this ancient beautiful city in winter – an undiscovered destination for many.
  • Enjoy excellent excursions and social programme.




Format of the event

FRIDAY  20th February 17:00–19:00
  Hyatt Regency Kyiv
Presentation of programme and itinerary
Market overview
  Buffet and drinks for participants
SATURDAY 21st February 11:00–17:00
  Public day – meetings with parents
Coffee provided at the entrance to the halls during the day
Lunch served to all participants
SUNDAY 22nd February 12:00–17:00
  Public day – meetings with parents
Coffee provided at the entrance to the halls during the day
Lunch served to all participants
MONDAY Slot system for additional interviews at Business Link’s office – if required


Who will you talk to?

We aim to provide you with the audience that will be:

  • able to afford school fees,
  • genuinely interested in your services.

Having successfully reached these two goals in 2006–2013, we hope to meet your expectations in 2014 and 2015 and invite a good pool of people for you.
All parents wanting to attend will need to pre-register and provide preliminary information about themselves and their children. This means that we will be able to give them preliminary advice and information about the school system before they come and talk to you at your stand.

Business Link has a database of clients, including:

  • Parents that attended such meetings with boarding schools in previous years and need more time and information to make up their mind.
  • Parents of school children that are currently students at one of the three most prestigious state and private educational institutions in Kiev, Ukraine. Their children speak good English and have the strongest academic potential in the country.
  • Parents that are business-owners or top management of multinational companies, looking ahead to invest in their children’s future. Parents that are becoming aware of the necessity to give their children a round education with an international perspective.
  • Children that have by now participated in summer schools in Britain over one or several years and experienced mixing with international students.

We expect up to 250 families to attend the exhibition. They are our valued clients and we do our best to provide for their interest in British education for their children.

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