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British Boarding Schools Directory

This is an archived page of the website. Some information presented here may be no longer relevant. To contact Business Link please call +38 044 494 20 80 or send an email to edUK@businesslink.kiev.ua.

We invite you to include your school into the leading Directory of British Boarding Schools in the Russian language for 2015.

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Benefits for your school

Having your school presented in the directory will:

  • bring you new students for the 2015/2016 academic year,
  • put you in contact with new potential students for years to come,
  • establish the name of your school on a new, exciting emerging market of 15 countries where Russian is used by parents of potential students.


A new market

Information about your school in their language for parents in:

This annual publication has quickly become the definitive guide for Russian-speaking families worldwide in choosing the best UK schools for their children. The directory is effectively targeted at those families actively seeking boarding schools in the UK, with a comprehensive distribution of 5,000 copies through businesses, embassies, agents and events across 15 countries throughout Europe, the Russian Federation and beyond, and with the full support of a PR and marketing campaign.

Preview of the previous Directory


Special features:

  • boarding schools only – targeted, specialised reading for those who want it;
  • two full pages on your school, full colour;
  • no distracting ads etc.;
  • superb unique distribution channels.

Our main objective is to tackle the problem of parents’ unclear and vague perception of boarding education and their difficulty imagining how it will be for their children.

As most of the target parents in the CIS region unfortunately do not speak English fluently enough to understand brochures or to log on to the internet, the Directory is designed to bring the information closer to the decision-makers as well as to captivate students’ interest and imagination. 

Next publication date: 1st July 2014.

Participation in the publication shall be confirmed after the receipt of payment.

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